International Students

International Students

Admission Requirements:

Admission Requirements

International student applicants who may qualify for admission to KC Beauty Academy are:

International student applicants who may qualify for admission to KC Beauty Academy are:

International Students

Those who are neither American citizens nor permanent residents of the United States in possession of a current M-1 visa.

Transfer Students

Those who are currently studying at another accredited school under an approved M-1 visa and wish to transfer to KC Beauty Academy.

Change of Status

Those who are already in the United States on a different type of visa and who wish to change to an M-1 visa.

Admission FAQs

KC specializes in a wide-range of hair and makeup, from Hollywood movie styling and Vogue-like portfolio-making to sophisticated body art with a mix of Western and Japanese tastes. Courses are taught by the owner Yuko T. Koach herself and other professionals. We train our students not only in technique but also in building a professional persona. All of our programs are hands-on, enabling students of all levels to pursue their careers in a salon or the TV and film industry. Whether you attend KC for 1 week, 3 months, or 2 years, you will gain the fullest possible training through our programs.dates.

Transfer process varies. If you have over 1600 hours of credits from a certified beauty school and have a ssn, you will be able to take the exam within 6 months.

We have courses ranging from beginning to a professional levels, as well as classes coordinated with the duration of your stay. We provide very flexible course scheduling that may be personalized in any way you desire. Please contact us for further information.(full-time).

To receive your license, you must take and pass the California State licensing exam, for which a valid Social Security number is required. Those who wish to take the exam will have to plan to study abroad for a minimum of six months. Throughout this course, we help prepare you to be able to pass the exam with confidence. We provide mock exams and thoroughly review all steps you will be expected to know on the day of the exam.

No visa is required; however it is required by law to fill out an ESTA form when entering the USA.

All documents must be translated into english in order for your license to be transferred. Our team, who specializes in the license transfer, will help you with the process.

No, any salon work experiences will not affect the transfer requirements.



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