KC Beauty Academy Barbering Course will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to pass the California State Board Barber Exam. Our small classes ensure our instructor has the time to dedicate maximum attention to our students. The knowledge and skills acquired with our barber program will prepare students for a successful and profitable career as a barber.



KC Beauty Academy requires that you complete one thousand five hundred (1,500) clock hours of technical instruction and practical training. Students will master the art of shaving, haircutting with the use of scissors. Razor, and electrical clippers, and a comprehensive preparation of State Board performance. For the purpose of this section, technical instruction shall mean instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation and examination. Practical operation shall mean actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or mannequin.


Get additional training and become equipped with wide range of skills and techniques.

A licensed cosmetologist would only need additional 200 hours in shaving to become eligible for the barber examination.

Similarly, a licensed barber would only need additional 300 hours (200 hours in esthetics and 100 hours in manicuring) to be eligible for the cosmetology examination.

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